ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioning – The clear choice for clean fuel

Clogged Filters, Dirty Tanks? – Your Diesel Engine does not perform?

Diesel engines require optimal fuel quality for peak performance and reliability at all times. However: Fuel is inherently unstable and fuel breakdown is an avoidable natural process. It is accelerated through transportation, storage, exposure to heat and pressure of engines, temperature changes, condensation, microbial contamination, cracking, blending, etc.


· Dark or hazy fuel

· Clogged Filters

· Tank sludge

· Excessive smoke or soot

· Tank corrosion

· Carbon deposits

· Loss of power and RPM

· Injection system failure

· Engine shutdown

Implementing Algae-X Fuel Conditioning will prevent and reverse the effect of fuel breakdown processes. Our patented systems restore & stabilize your fuel. Working in conjunction with filters and separators ALGAE-X ensures that your fuel is free of contaminants, sediment and water at all times.

ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioning improves the stability, filterability and combustibility of fuel, significantly reducing harmful emissions and soot.

ALGEA-X Mobile Tank Cleaning System MTC-3000 (picture of System)

The MTC is a 3 stage Mobile Tank Cleaning System to recondition, stabilize and decontaminate diesel fuel. It efficiently removes water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. The MTC cleans and restores fuel to its “Clear and Bright” condition. It eliminates fuel “algae” issues, clogged filters and tank sludge providing Optimal fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance and Reliability.

These pictures graphically demonstrate the results of using the Mobile Tank Cleaners to recondition the fuel stored in a 1000 gallon emergency generator storage tank of Bell South.

The results of the Mobile Tank Cleaning System are impressive. The Algae-X Fuel Conditioning and Filtration System eliminate the need for costly, periodic manual tank cleaning, while stabilizing and extending the shelf life of fuel. The Algae-X Mobile Tank Cleaning System is compact, easy to operate and extremely versatile and therefore ideally for use in marinas, to clean tanks on board of all types of vessels.

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